Swedish Massage

(60 minutes)..........$65
Full body massage using a traditional series of light flowing strokes to encourage deep relaxation.

Deep Tissue Massage

(60 minutes) ........$80
An intensive massage designed to aid in the recovery of muscle tension or retained stress.

Aromatherapy Massage

(60 minutes)...........$85
Essential oils from plants, flowers and herbs induce relaxation and harmony by absorption through the skin and stimulation of the senses.

Hot Stone Massage

(60 minutes) ........$110
An ancient technique of relaxing the body, mind and spirit through massage with smooth, heated river stones.

Sports Massage

(60 minutes)..........$80
A deep tissue massage with a cooling lotion that quiets burning & inflamed muscles.
Perfect for after strenuous activity. No lingering aroma.

Paraffin Spa Wrap

(50 minutes)......$95
Warm soothing paraffin evenly applied on the body, then a secure wrap from neck to ankle, along with foot massage. Treatment ends with a light application of moisturizer. It helps to soften skin and relieve tired aching joints.

Express Massage

(30 minutes).......... $45
A deep tissue massage concentrating on a specific area of the body.
Help alleviate tension and pain from tired and sore muscle. Recommended for back, neck and shoulders.

Reflexology Foot Massage

(30 minutes)......$45
This pressure point massage focuses on the reflex zones of the feet releiving stress thoughout the body. plus a gentle foot bath with lemons & limes designed to soften skin.


(60 minutes)........$85
Bathed and supported in a sea of pillows to your support level and nutured with Swedish massage.
Post pregnancy: massage is excellent for circulation and fatigue.

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